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More shoes than Imelda Marcos? Than you need customized shoe boxes made by Function Form & Colour Accessories, a company that specializes in shoe storage solutions.

The innovation came from the international designer, Martin Schulz, who designed already shoe boxes in the 80’s for exclusive boutiques worldwide. 

This elegant, single – storage rectangle clear Perspex shoe box is easily and visually accessible so that the footwear can be kept in perfect order.

Each box opens like a drawer and can be used individually or can be stacked on top of each other. Best of all they are transparent shoe boxes, so you'll always find the pair you are looking for.

Shoes need to be stored separate but at any time visible and Easy to take hold of.  Here is the answer!

Now everyone can organise (her – his) shoes in this elegant Single stackable Perspex boxes in the wardrobe Or in tailor made trolleys.

We have the perfect solution for everyone around the world to organise their shoes in this great perspective shoeboxes.

Salute To All Our Lovely Shoes